Volkswagen Booth

The first official attendance of Volkswagen in Iran (after the revolution in 1979) finally happened in Dec 2017.

Mani Lotfizadeh

Project Manager/ Event Manager

Tarokh Kazemi


Hamed Panahi

Art Director/ Video Editor


  • Mammut Khodro Co. (The Official distributor of Volkswagen in Iran.)


  • Dec 2017 -
  • Mar 2018


  • Brand Implementation, Creative Solution, Graphic Design, Social Media Content, Standardization, Video Editing, Video Mapping, Event, Video Production

Project Description

  • This project was one of the most challenging and significant projects for me over the past few years; Which was just within 10 days. I should have been following the guidelines of the Volkswagen brand which had been carried out in the other Auto shows and exhibitions worldwide like Berlin and New York. We made it a success, with the approval of the German center and the supervision of the marketing department of the Mamout Khordro in Iran. It is true that memories take us back, dreams take us forward.