Spirit of Iranian Pure Art in Deco

Shahrzad Hezarehnejad

Pottery Artist

Khashayar Beytari

Pottery artist and Production manager

Danial Rezvani

Artist and Designer

Hamed Panahi

Design Process manager/designer

Team Members

  • Shahrzad Hezarehnejad
  • Khashayar Beytari
  • Danial Rezvani
  • Hamed Panahi

Honor issuer National Handcraft Innovative Design competition – Iran

  • Selected entry as a semi-finalist


  • Dec 2016

About this project:

  • I believe that Iranian craftsmanship potentially is able to create distinctive and functional products due to historical and cultural backgrounds. In this context, Japanese products are the best example of consumer-centric goods which eventuate in aesthetic of the Japanese insight into the art and product.