Food-Waste Pot

Khashayar Beytari

Pottery Artist

Shahrzad Hezarehnejad

Pottery Artist

Danial Rezvani

Interior Designer/Artist

Hamed Panahi

Designer/Art Director


  • Earth is our only home.
  • We have not inherited the earth from our fathers, We borrow it from our children.
  • What has remains from nature on our table, is the nature's tail, and other creature's precious food!
  • It’s very important that what we don’t eat and drink as important as our meals,
  • because it would be a creatures meal.

Team Members

  • Shahrzad Hezarehnejad
  • Khashayar Beytari
  • Danial Rezvani
  • Hamed Panahi

Honor issuer National Handcraft Innovative Design competition – Iran

  • Selected entry as a semi-finalist